Hearing and Vision Screening

Periodic vision and hearing screening is recognized as an integral part of preventive pediatric health care. Adverse effects on educational and social development are obvious consequences of poor visual and hearing acuity.

At Village Pediatrics we know from research that the development of hearing and vision abilities in children aged 2-5 is important for early learning and eventual reading achievement.

Our screenings are important because we are able to identify problems that often go undetected in children, such as a possible hearing loss. We can also detect vision disorders such as Amblyopia, which if undetected can leave a child with little or no vision for life.

Even mild hearing loss can affect a child’s ability to speak and understand language, as well as impact behavioral development. We use state-of-the-art technology and innovative testing techniques to assess your child’s hearing sensitivity. Hearing can evaluate and be treated at any age, beginning at birth.

Florida Newborn Hearing Screening Statute

Most states have a statute requiring universal newborn hearing screening. Since October 1, 2000 newborn hearing screening has been required, unless the parent objects, for all newborns in Florida. The intent of this statute is “to provide a statewide comprehensive and coordinated interdisciplinary program of early hearing impairment screening, identification, and followup care for newborns. The goal is to screen all newborns for hearing impairment in order to alleviate the adverse effects of hearing loss on speech and language development, academic performance, and cognitive development.” To see the complete statute, visit Florida Statute 383.145.